Sell side Feedback: Dealing with Covid-19

Friday, July 17, 2020

During the recent months in lockdown, feedback from the sell side research community has reported that research productivity has risen, possibly as much as 25%, with analysts working mainly from home. Client interactions are also higher, with numbers quoted between 5% and 15%; the quality of corporate access has been raised with sell-side teams busy with virtual events, but finding access to executive teams more readily available because of the flexibility offered by online meetings.

Virtual conferences have largely replace physical events, correlating with the possibility that analysts are unlikely to return to the office full time; with sales and trading teams, however, the connectivity requirements dictate that execution teams that have remained split between offices, home and continuity venues, will more likely return to the pre-Covid environment. In general, it is felt that overall travel (mainly international), will decline in the long term.

Author: Institutional Investor Research